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Di’ana Rodriguez

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Di’ana began her entertainment career at 11 years old in Las Vegas. Her first performance was playing Liana Franklova in the theatrical drama I Never Saw Another Butterfly, a one-­act stage show set in 1940s Auschwitz during the Holocaust. In the following years, she appeared in shows like Dance On Sunset (Nickelodeon) and Pandemic (Hallmark).

In her late teens, Di’ana toured as Patsy Cline in the musical Always… Patsy Cline (Ted Swindley Productions) and appeared in various commercials, including one for Volkswagen alongside cast members from the NYC off­-Broadway show Stomp (Knick Knack Productions). As an adult, she relocated to New York City where she played the lead in a local children’s TV series called At The Wave.

Over the past 15 years, Di’ana has been handed dozens of scripts. Performing lends itself to character development and has been instrumental in her process of developing characters on the page and directing performers. Her B.S. degree in psychology has also contributed to her ability to get inside characters’ heads and create believable dialogue and performances.

Di’ana is the heart and driving force behind Belladonna.

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Angel Partie

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Since 2008, Angel has been in college academia as an adjunct professor of screenwriting and communications, using it as a training ground for breaking stories. Already an instructor for six years, he earned his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Full Sail University with multiple accolades, including Valedictorian, seven individual course awards, and the instructor-voted Advanced Achievement Award. Angel also went on to obtain a second B.S. in Digital Film-making. He is extremely proud of his former students who have gone on to success in Hollywood, independent film-making, and the game industry.

Angel has experience writing features (including a book adaptation), TV pilots, and short films, as well as leading several writers’ rooms of students working on web series projects. The year 2021 was big for him, adding credits from seven short films to IMDb, including as a writer, producer, director, and editor. His directorial debut was with the short film Love Note, followed by an experimental sci-fi short film, Undone, which was nominated for Best Editing and Best Original Idea. In 2024, he is expecting the premiere of his first feature film writing credit, Q: Deep Fake, a political “desktop thriller” starring Academy Award-nominated Eric Roberts.

As a trans-masculine, non-binary creative, Angel is proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community in the entertainment industry. Additionally, he uses his first B.S. in Multimedia Design and experience in marketing communications as Director of Marketing for the Belladonna team.

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Savannah Pedersen

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Savannah is best-known as the creator and director of five-time award-winning show F*ckboys: The Musical (first premiering at the 2018 Orlando Fringe Festival before embarking on tours of both Melbourne, Australia, and Ontario, Canada, in 2018 and 2019).

Savannah has always considered herself a “creator,” encompassing all parts of the creative process as a writer, director, producer, and sometimes actor! Other writing and directorial credits include feature film Anxieties Anonymous (2021 Orlando Winter Mini Fringe Patron’s Pick) and Thoughts About You, a full-length, original musical, featuring 16 original, full compositions and orchestrations. Savannah is also the mother of several passion projects, including a Dungeons and Dragons multimedia campaign and an audio-only podcast-style musical told through the music of Fleetwood Mac.

Savannah has been a part of the Orlando Theatre scene for the better part of the past decade; her favorite acting credits include Kate Monster (Avenue Q), Audrey (Little Shop of Horrors), and Annie Knowby (Evil Dead The Musical).  

In her spare time, you can find Savannah posting satirical takes on customer service and barista life, and she continues to actively serve as a producer and collaborator on her popular podcast The Sav & Sean show.

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